Rachel Hope Allan: CRASH @ Rivington
Jul 2

Rachel Hope Allan: CRASH @ Rivington

  • Parasol Projects @ 2 Rivington St
Elizabeth Taylor. 2015 Ambrotype. 165 mm x 125 mm

Elizabeth Taylor. 2015 Ambrotype.
165 mm x 125 mm

Rachel Hope Allan: CRASH
In association with Wallplay and Rouge Society Gin

Fresh from the idyllic antipodes comes CRASH, the most recent exhibition by Rachel Hope Allan. For one week Allan’s photographic works will be on display at number 2 Rivington Street. With more than a nod to J. G. Ballard’s book of the same name, CRASH sees Allan explore the textured collision between technology and human inquiry: as raw as rope burn and as black as the dull ache you only feel in your groin. Run headlong into a world where steel and steam fuse with spit, rubber and desire in a series of works created through photographic process from both the 19th and 21st centuries. CRASH investigates the fear and supernatural atmosphere during an act of resuscitation, bringing to the surface modes of image making set to moments near death.  
 Interested in subterfuge, trickery and the alchemical magic of photography, Allan’s work raises questions   Allan’s work deals with restraint, curiosity and mimicry. Her work challenges perceptions of reality to explore the fetishization of objects within a around the potential and expectations of image production in the 21 photographic process.

Rachel Hope Allan is an artist and writer from New Zealand. She holds a master of fine arts with distinction from Dunedin School of Art, New Zealand where she currently lectures in photography and electronic arts. She has exhibited both locally and internationally including; commissioned work for The Yu Gallery, Shanghai (2017), The Tokyo International Art Fair, Tokyo (2017), The Dunedin Public Art Gallery (2016), Getty Images Gallery, London (2016), Toitu Museum, (2014), The Dunedin Public Art Gallery’s Rear Window (2014), Urban Spree, Berlin (2014) and BRUCE Gallery, Dunedin (2014). Allan was a finalist in the Renaissance Photography Prize (2016) with a work she created at the first artist residency offered by Hone Tuwhare Trust in Kaka Point, New Zealand (2014).  Allan’s published artist-books CRASH and Kaka Point are held in the collection of The Reminders Photography Stronghold (Tokyo, Japan). Contact Details for further information Email: rachelhopeallan@gmail.com Web: rachelhopeallan.com

2 Rivington St
June 28-July 2 / 11am-7pm
Preview: June 27 / 6-9pm
Free entry, all welcome.

For more information visit: www.wallplay.com
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Lucy Nell Stewart @ Elizabeth
Jul 1

Lucy Nell Stewart @ Elizabeth

  • Parasol @ Elizabeth

Multimedia audio/visual artist Lucy Nell Stewart will share a selection of her recent projects. 

“I find great sustenance in the mother ship and all her elements. Coming from a classical and avant-garde theatre arts background I carry with me the proscenium to composite new worlds with my beloved and always surprising creature friends. As much as I am painting/composing with movements and sounds, the works have a life of their own and I try to stay out of the way”.

Lucy Nell Stewart was born in Northern California in autumn of 1960. From 1973-1976 she attended American Ballet Theater scholarship summers in New York City. Returning to California she finished high school then danced professionally with a handful of ballet companies; Houston Ballet, San Francisco Opera Ballet, Garden State Ballet, and Dayton Ballet. In 1979 through the mid 1980’s she created and performed her own performance art works in New York City as well studied clowning at “If Every Fool”. She headed back to California to for theater and film projects where her first one-woman show emerged in the early 1990’s in Los Angeles. Back to New York City mid 1990’s to create her second show and her theatrical pursuits led to an interest in filmmaking. She attended a handful of Super 8 and 16mm classes at Millennium with Ross McLaren and then migrated to video on her own to create these works. She has been making art her entire life and now resides in Pennsylvania near the Delaware River.                                                         

June 28-July 1 / 12-6pm
171 Elizabeth St


POP-UP MEET-UP! @ Rivington
6:00 pm18:00

POP-UP MEET-UP! @ Rivington

  • Parasol Projects @ Rivington

Creators, designers, artists!
Come join us on July 10th at 2 Rivington St / 6-9pm for a happy hour to discuss our next pop-up share program! 

The pop-up share will take place August 1-7. It's an opportunity that brings creatives and makers together. We give YOU the unique ability to pop up in a high traffic commercial space in NYC with like-minded people sharing the cost.


More than one possibility @ Bowery
Jul 16

More than one possibility @ Bowery

  • Parasol Projects @ Bowery

More than one possibility: A photo exhibition of an independent Brazilian photography group.

Based on the phrase of the American curator Lucy Lippard: “… it is not necessary to wait for an invitation for doing an exhibition, just go for it and make it”, this group of Brazilian photographers got together to show their production in a photo exhibition.

The idea of this project was founded by the independent curator and teacher Renato Negrão, who has promoted and curated several groups through exhibitions in different countries such as: Canada, Jordan, Iraq and Lebanon. 

In 2016 Negrão did his biggest project, when he transformed the central historical train station of São Paulo, into an open gallery, with more than 100 images hanged above the platforms and on footbridges (www.renatonegrao.com.br)

The idea of this exhibition in NY is that the group believes in the public audience as the most important critic and judge, so everyone is invited to see the images of the 23 Brazilian photographers.

This exhibition includes a mix of different subjects such as: landscape, portrait, self-portrait, personal history, documentary, memories and street art.

Anderson Coimbra; Bernando Borges; Bia Ferrer; Camila Gil; Eli Criva; Ellion Cardoso; Fernanda Fernades; Isa Godoy; Iza Abe; Gabriela de Barros; Gustavo Sérvio; Giuliana Camargo; Lu Lisboa; Malu Mesquita; Máximo Hernández; Mônica Assan; Mônica Cavalcante; Monica Scafuro; Ricardo Abreu; Ritta Mendonça; Simone Tchalian; Tuta Pine e Vera Resende.

Organization and curator by: Renato Negrão.

208 Bowery
Opening July 11 / 7pm
On view until July 16

EnnyEthnic @ Elizabeth
Jul 30

EnnyEthnic @ Elizabeth

  • Parasol Projects @ Elizabeth

EnnyEthnic is a contemporary lifestyle clothing and accessory line featuring bold prints from Zimbabwe and other parts of the African continent. The carefully selected bold prints and rich colors make each piece a statement piece. The line prides itself in limiting a print to one season, retiring that print once the season is finished. This creates an exclusivity in the pieces that is unmatched and truly unique.  

171 Elizabeth St
July 25-30 / 10am-8pm


Cave Homo @ Bowery
Jun 25

Cave Homo @ Bowery

  • Parasol Projects @ Bowery

Cave Homo is a zine about professional skateboarder Brian Anderson. Mostly known for his international success becoming Thrasher’s Skater of the Year in 1999 and winning the World Cup of Skateboarding in Münster, Germany the same year, he has since become one of the most iconic and respected professional Skateboarders worldwide.

In 2016, Brian came out as gay. In a recent Vice documentary he talks about his journey, fears, and why it was the right decision to no longer keep his sexuality a secret.

Designer Luke Williams and photographer Christian Trippe collaborated closely with Brian to create Cave Homo. The zine is a combination of portraits, shot in an exclusive intimate photo shoot, excerpts from Brian’s private sketchbooks and personal collection of polaroids. Cave Homo reveals a new and di erent side of Brian, outside the skateboarding world.

The show will feature photography from the zine and for the first time, Brian will show some of his paintings. The zine is hand-numbered and limited to 666 copies. Visitors will be able to buy a copy during the 2-day event.

208 Bowery
Opening party: June 24 / 6-9pm
June 25 / 12-9pm
Signing with Brian on Sunday June 25 / 2–5pm



Jun 23


  • Parasol Projects @ 208 Bowery


Pop-Up Shop/ Exhibition

HAERTS Julian Klincewicz Brittany Asch 6/21-6/23

On June 21, HAERTS, Julian Klincewicz and Brittany Asch launch No Love for the Wild, a three day Pop-Up Shop/Exhibition at Parasol Projects on 208 Bowery .

The Pop-Up shop/exhibition is centered around the release of HAERTS new single "No Love for the Wild" and extends their on going collaboration with Julian Klincewicz into the physical realm.

It will explore the music through visual art (Video / photographic), an immersive performance by HAERTS, the release of a limited edition capsule collection, as well as floral sculpture by BRRCH Florals Brittany Asch .

The Pop-up shop & Exhibition are meant to give a visual & physical context to the sonic landscapes created by HAERTS - to create, or make apparent the world in which the songs exist, in a truly special and immersive way.

Hours June 22 & June 23 / 12 -7pm
Opening Night : June 21 from 6 to 9pm (HAERTS Performance at 7:30pm)


RORA @ Elizabeth
Jun 25

RORA @ Elizabeth

  • Parasol Projects @ Elizabeth


This brand allows women to worry less about what to wear and spend more time living. Each collection is inspired by a different city around the world and this Spring 2017 was inspired by the culture and colors of Nanjing, China. The line ranges from essentials must haves to statement pieces. RORA’s high-end products add value into each garment through hand selected fabrics & reversibility pieces. Come see for yourself!

June 20-25 / 11am-8pm daily
Friends & Family Opening Night: June 20 / 6-9pm