Christopher Jones: Passion @ 2 Rivington
to Mar 4

Christopher Jones: Passion @ 2 Rivington


Passion a series of powerful, emotive photographic portraits of the Dancers of the Martha Graham Company. The exhibition is dedicated to creating portraits of dancers represented as individuals, not as performers.It is focused on their idiosyncratic artistry, and explores the often difficult, very personal journey, that led each of them to dedicate their lives to dance.

Christopher began the project by asking each dancer to bring clothing or accessories that were personally meaningful to them - a fur hat and jewelry from China, a wide brimmed striped hat, an African beaded necklace. Most importantly, he asked them to open up to him emotionally and lyrically through the lens of the camera.

But as the project evolved so, inevitably, did it’s form and scope.
Into dynamic movement, which is artistically and emotionally central to many of their personalities. Figuratively and physically – through the shape and fluidity of their bodies – dancers’ most natural and aesthetic form of expression.

Words From Christopher My intent in each of these portraits is anchored on one central goal: to capture the core emotions and sensibility of each subject - to reveal their inner and outer beauty intimately and sympathetically. As the show started to take form, one core, powerful emotion shone through in each of my portraits – Passion. Passion expressed in its multiple, myriad and powerful forms of expression – artistically, physically, and emotionally.It has been a privilege working with such amazing and generous artists, and I hope you enjoy the images in the Gallery as much as I enjoyed creating them. 

2 Rivington St
February 28 - March 4
Opening Reception: February 27 / 2 – 7pm

February 28 - March 2 / 11am –7pm
March 3 - 4 / 11am – 6pm



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Filippa K @ 208 Bowery
to Feb 18

Filippa K @ 208 Bowery



Built on Scandinavian simplicity, Filippa K is a fashion brand designing essential wardrobe pieces for women and men, including shoes, bags and accessories. They will be presenting Filippa K’s AW18 collection, three lines; Womens Wear, Soft Sport and Mens Wear.

 The aesthetic is based on minimalistic design that is contemporary yet timeless. Tailored coats and trousers, clean basics and high quality knits are the core of our collections, long lasting pieces that extend beyond seasonal trends. 

With exclusive fabrics and clean design, the  Soft Sport line offers a pure kind of comfort that simply looks and feels good.

208 Bowery
February 13-18 / By Appointment Only

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