Blah Blossom @ Elizabeth
May 28

Blah Blossom @ Elizabeth

An assemblage of interesting (and hopefully peculiar) floral related objects as well as ART so that one can be transported to a floraltopia.    

Featuring artworks by:

Bill Beckley
Adolphe Braun
Francesco Clemente
Peter Dayton
Ana Dubson
Stephen Eichhorn
Luciano Fileti
Eric Fischl
Adam Fuss
Ben Giles
Hugo Guinness
Daniel Kazimierski
Franz Kline
Amy Lincoln
Michael James Murray
Liana Nigri
Manjari Sharma
Page Simon
Joseph Stella
Matt Tierney
Andy Warhol
Rachel Wolf

May 17-28 / 11am-6pm
Opening Night: May 18 / 6-9pm
171 Elizabeth St

Sangyoon Yoon @ Bowery
Jun 11

Sangyoon Yoon @ Bowery

  • Parasol @ Bowery
Image © Sangyoon Yoon, These Foolish Things, 2017, oil on canvas, 193 x 130 cm. 

Sangyoon Yoon: These Foolish Things 1

These Foolish Things 1 is the first solo exhibition by the Seoul-based painter, Sangyoon Yoon held in New York. Opening the series of the gallery's special exhibition program, Christine Park Gallery organises this two-part exhibition presenting the new body of work by the artist. These Foolish Things 2 will be held in September to October 2017 in the same space, accompanied with a limited edition artist's catalogue.

For enquiries, please contact us at

May 28 - June 11 / Open daily, 11-6pm
Private View & Reception: Sunday, May 28 / 2-6 pm
208 Bowery


Esmeralda Kosmatopoulos @ Rivington
Jun 4

Esmeralda Kosmatopoulos @ Rivington

What I always wanted to tell you
but never dared.

Curated by Clémence Mailly

Parasol Projects: 2 Rivington Street, NY New York 10012
May 30 – June 4 / 11am-6pm
Opening Night: Wednesday, May 31 / 6-9pm

Parasol Projects is pleased to present What I always wanted to tell you but never dared., a solo exhibition of the artist Esmeralda Kosmatopoulos. The show curated by Clémence Mailly will present a new body of works composed of mail art, video, neon, and sound pieces, that uses familiar artificial intelligence tools - namely predictive typing - to explore technology as an extension of one’s self.

This project started when, while typing a message on her smart phone, the artist accidentally pressed several consecutive times the predictive text bar on the screen. Kosmatopoulos, then noticed that through the mechanical gesture of her hand on the screen, the phone had been composing “by itself” full sentences following a proper grammatical structure subject-verb-object. The repetitive quasi-automatic movement the artist was monotonously performing contrasted with the original writing text that was digitally composed on the screen - a text mediated by the phone’s artificial intelligence. The virtual machine had been learning from the artist’s everyday written communications and was now trying to mimic at its best her writing style, appropriating her most used vocabulary, in an attempt to predict her next words. This parapraxis was shedding light on the complex - man versus machine – dialectic in a somehow disturbing way as the phone had been anticipating the artist’s next words without her consent.

Fascinated by this casual though very intrusive manifestation of the machine’s ability to learn, Kosmatopoulos started asking random people met online and offline to perform the same mechanical act. The text obtained would be transcribed onto a letter, signed and then mailed to the artist’s physical address. Every letter framed in the space is the result of this collaborative project between the artist, the participant and its phone, where each of the three actors has a very distinct role: the content of the letter was solely dictated by the predictive function of each given participant’s own smart phone; while the length of the text, format of the letter, choice of paper or pen were left at the discretion of the author of each letter. These messages, mechanically composed by the individual’s stream of consciousness, resemble Surrealist ideas, such as automatic writing or exquisite corpse games in which meaning is thought to emerge from one’s subconscious. 

This mail art project is completed by the video ORACLE where Kosmatopoulos separates the mechanical gesture she performed on the phone from the visual content appearing on her screen. The sound piece You put these words in my mouth features the artist appropriating the codes of live poetry readings, and performing with a very emotional voice passages of the text. The exhibition concludes with the neon artwork = TMI that reminds the viewer of the tacit agreement he or she has with the AI software about accessing private information. 

About the artist:

Esmeralda Kosmatopoulos is a multi-disciplinary conceptual artist working around language and identity. Born in Greece, raised in Paris, she now lives and works between Paris and New York. Her work investigates the definition and construction of identities, personal memories, culture and collective histories in the post-Internet age. She places herself as a translator, building connections between past and present, physical and virtual and ultimately between one and another. 

Her work was exhibited in galleries, institutions and public spaces in North America, Europe and Latin America including Kunsthal Charlottenborg (Copenhagen, Denmark), Künstlerhaus Wien (Vienna, Austria), AMA | Art Museum of the Americas (DC, USA), Palazzo delle Arti Napoli (Naples, Italy), Kunsthal Aarhus (Aarhus, Denmark). Working often in-situ, she was invited to several residencies including Kooshk residency (Tehran, Iran), BAR (Beirut, Lebanon) and MASS MOCA studios (North Adams, USA). Kosmatopoulos also worked alongside socially charged entities such as the Organization of American States (United States), the Kayani foundation (Lebanon) and the Museum Louis Braille (France) to create large-scale installations that raise awareness on social issues. 

Press and sales

To learn more about the project and participate please check out:





Wool & Oak @ Elizabeth
Jun 4

Wool & Oak @ Elizabeth

  • Parasol Projects @ Elizabeth

Wool & Oak- One Bag, Many Stories.

Fresh off of two wildly successful crowdfunding campaigns–raising over $2million–Wool & Oak is hosting the must-see pop-up event of the summer! Come by and say hello, check out beautiful Italian leather bags, and see for yourself how W&O is revolutionizing the way we travel–one bag at a time!

May 31-June 4 / 10am- 9pm
171 Elizabeth St
Instagram @WoolandOak
Facebook @WoolnOak

RORA @ Elizabeth
Jun 25

RORA @ Elizabeth

  • Parasol Projects @ Elizabeth


This brand allows women to worry less about what to wear and spend more time living. Each collection is inspired by a different city around the world and this Spring 2017 was inspired by the culture and colors of Nanjing, China. The line ranges from essentials must haves to statement pieces. RORA’s high-end products add value into each garment through hand selected fabrics & reversibility pieces. Come see for yourself!

June 20-25 / 11am-8pm daily
Friends & Family Opening Night: June 20 / 6-9pm

Lucy Nell Stewart @ Elizabeth
Jul 1

Lucy Nell Stewart @ Elizabeth

  • Parasol @ Elizabeth

Multimedia audio/visual artist Lucy Nell Stewart will share a selection of her recent projects. 

June 28-July 1 / 12-6pm
171 Elizabeth St