In-House Rentals


Round Pedestal

1 available
20" high ; 16" wide (diameter)

Ref: RPED01

Square Pedestal

1 available

42" high ; 15" wide

Ref: SPED01

White Full Length Mirror

1 available

58" high x 18.5 wide x 18 inch deep


Screen Divider

2 available

70.25' high x '72''wide

Ref (red); RSC01
Ref (black): BSC01


Sandwich Board

2 available 

24" x 36" - chalk provided

Ref: SAN01

Black Plastic Rack

1 available

55-66" tall x 31"wide

Ref: BRA01


Silver Racks

4 available

46-74" tall x 65" wide

$65/ week
Ref: SRA01


Industrial Rack

1 available

66" tall x 69" wide

Ref: SRA02

Plastic Folding Table

4 available


Ref: TAB01

Video Projector

1 available

3.3" x 10.5" x 8.7"

$300 / week
Ref: PRO01


Silver Industrial Chair

8 available

18''W x 33''H x 20''D

$25 / week
Ref: CHA01

Plastic Hangers

Set of 34 Plastic Hangers

Ref: HAN01 

Inquire now with the reference(s) of the item(s) you would like to get. Please contact us if what you need is not listed.

*Images are for reference only / Rentals are subject to availability and pricing may vary without notice