How Do You Do New York

Lower East Side Gallery

March 18 - 23, 2015
Opening: March 18, 6 - 10 PM

How Do You Do New York is an initiative of seventeen Brazilian artists in the exhibition organized by SACI!, or Soluções em Arte Colaborativa Independente, in partnership with Imagination in Space and Parasol Projects. Contemporary artists Christiana Guinle, Claudia Perpetuo, Gustavo Stephan, Icléa Eccard, Igor Gomes, Ivan Di Simoni, John San Maria Cherman, MarQo Rocha, Norma Mieko Okamura, Paula Gualberto, Renata Sgarbi, Roberto Ulhoa, Rodrigo Rodrigues, Rodrigo Saramago, Rudi Sgarbi and Silvia Neves will show paintings, sculptures, photographs, new media, digital art, assemblages, drawings and objects that make up a sampling of what is produced in the current Brazilian contemporary art scene. 

The artists belong to different generations, styles and origins. Most of them are from the city of Rio de Janeiro, but five cities throughout Brazil are represented at the exhibition. How Do You Do New York is a provocation that plays with words in a free translation for the Brazilian public in which at the same time is a greeting, but in a transgression can be understood by us for something like "how to do New York" or, rather, "how to do new." The title is to present a challenge: go, see and win, that is, at the same time it is a "hello" and a "watch how it's done."

The multi-organizational project, SACI!, believes that the creative economy is one of the challenges of our time and believes that only a collaborative approach could be the viable option for artists seeking their space independently, aligning with artistic communities that have similar thoughts, increasing contact networks that were before dispersed and by doing so making art a true revolutionary tool, not only the one that it already provides by itself, but proving that a new world needs a new model - hyperconected, global, collaborative and viable.

This show was produced in conjunction with Imagination in Space, more information can be found here.