Patricia Avellan

Lower East Side Gallery

November 18 - December 1, 2014
Opening: November 21, 6 - 9 PM

Ecuadorian artist Patricia Avellan has returned one year later to the Lower East Side Gallery. This time with the highly anticipated "FRÁGIL / BEAUTY," an exhibition of Avellan's newer works, exploring fear and the unknown.

“Fear is a feeling you have to cultivate,” Federico Fellini once famously noted. Fear of uncertainty. Fear of forces allowed to run their course. Fear of the open-ended. To meticulous creators—those who obsess over processes, techniques, and outcomes—the thought of surrendering control can prove most frightening. And yet, creation often demands that things be set in motion towards the uncertain. 

Breaking free from the familiar shelter of rectangular shapes, Patricia Avellan has turned her own trepidation about the potential anarchy of unbound line into a tool of deliverance. Working against the inertia of enclosure, her most recent work bears traces—both formal and material—of an arduous process of emancipation from the metaphoric referentiality of quadrangles.