Expand the Lens of Time

Lower East Side Gallery

September 1 - September 12, 2013
Opening: September 5, 6 - 9 PM

N/EON, as we’ve chosen to use it, is a paradox: a compound of two root words: “new’ and ‘eon.’ By our standards of measurement and perception an eon is an enormous, seemingly immeasureable amount of time. The geological eon we are currently in contains the entire span of life’s existence on this planet. In the sheer scale of intricacy, this entire history of life is hard to contemplate as a whole.  By marking the beginning of a new eon we are able to look back on the history of life through contemporary eyes and knowledge to gain further insight into what was seemingly always there. Concepts, processes and materials usually separated by time and history are brought together to further examine the natural world.

The exhibition is featuring works by Joshua Sophrin, Clementine Sainty, and (OM). Joshua Sophrin’s sculptural piece ‘monolith’ is a continuation of humanity’s most ancient forms of art and expression. Calling on the past to enhance the present and inquire into the future, Clementine Sainty recreates and challenges our concepts of attire. Temperature controlled environments and global warming compel an ironic somewhat sardonic approach to apparel. (OM) is a meditation on clothing as a technology. Free of assembly lines and mass dissemination. Each piece of each piece is a function of the distinct whole.