Interrupt Magazine
You Are A Genius

Lower East Side Gallery

July 24 - July 29, 2013

If your Facebook page is the land of a thousand selfies, this is the moment you’ve been waiting for. A Victoria’s Secret model wants to put your mug in a magazine. Sort of.

Starting tomorrow, "You Are A Genius" will take over the Lower East Side for six days. The photo studio, art lab, and information space is the brainchild of Interrupt Magazine, a participatory publication that gives a platform to women who are marginalized by mainstream media. It was founded by Cameron Russell, a model and TED Talk lecturer.

Interrupt’s mission is to empower people. Visitors to "You Are A Genius" are invited to take self-portraits at booths setup by Smilebooth, a mobile selfie studio. The pictures will show up in futures issues of the magazine. There will also be a computer lab where guests can explore online resources for social services, health and well-being, and creative production.