Imagination in Space
How Do You Do New York

Grand street Gallery

March 6 2015, 6 - 10 PM

Visit the opening of the exhibit How Do You Do New York, a Brazilian art show at located blocks away on the Lower East Side.

At 6 PM, Imagination in Space teams up with SACI!, Latin American Tech Meetup, and Parasol Projects for a panel discussion on the art market that’s rapidly growing south of the border. Featured speakers include InSitu Works founder Ana Perez, ITP artist Ziv Schneider and Brazilian artist Joao San.

They’ll discuss the wide open investor and collector opportunities throughout Latin America and, Schneider will tell you how she created a museum out of stolen art work. Then at 8 PM, the party will begin, and guests will be able to explore work from seventeen Rio de Janeiro-based artists. The main show continues for the rest of the week.

This show was produced in conjunction with Imagination in Space, more information can be found here.