[gone] Project
[gone] MEXICO

Lower East Side Gallery

November 12 - November 16, 2014
Opening: November 12, 6 - 9 PM

Create Collect has returned to the Lower East Side Gallery with [gone] MEXICO, the first of the [gone] Project series, a month-long travel excursion in which photographers Anastasia Fugger and Carolina Pimenta explore locations around the world, documenting their respective experiences together but in unique ways. Curated by Roya Sachs, the exhibition endeavors to revisit the concept of collaboration.

Fugger and Pimenta explore their intimate relationship through their lenses by bypassing the stereotype of traditional Mexican culture. By questioning their relationship and acknowledging their differences, they allow a visual dialogue to emerge with both parallels and juxtapositions.

Anastasia Fugger, of Florida, United States, focuses on the aesthetic of symmetry through which she investigates abstract and compositional frames. Carolina Pimenta, of Porto, Portugal, emphasizes composition - Pimenta’s work often explores a whimsical sense of adventure, accenting most of her work to travel and a sense of journey.

The opening night will also include a live art performance by conceptual artist Jimena Montemayor, or Jimojunk. The performance will bring to life the journey that Fugger and Pimenta depict in their images, from obscure jungle shots to deserted and serene landscape panoramics.