Cuevas Tilleard Projects
Chancing with the Stars

Great Jones Street Gallery

May 29 - June 1, 2014
Opening: May 29, 6:30 - 9:30 PM

Cuevas Tilleard Projects is pleased to present Chancing with the Stars, an exhibition of works by Matías  Cuevas, Rob Davis, and Max Warsh. The show is curated by duo Anna Maria Cuevas and Caroline Tilleard.

The exhibition brings together three artists whose creative processes break down the ordinary in the pursuit of abstraction, and confront the aesthetics of the everyday. Routinely performed actions like drinking, walking, and shopping are used as a starting point towards art making and as an opportunity to create space and seize the moment. The artists allow chance to stand at the center of their practice, playfully letting it take over their experience, bridging the abstract with the concrete.