Sandra Schnellhaus
Bad sandy

rivington gallery

October 21st, 2015- october 25th, 2015

Brace yourselves as BAD SaNdY makes New York’s Lower East Side her playground -  

She’s the Moschino sweatband wearing girl from Down Under with big blonde hair. She has friends in high places with famous names and famous faces. She’s powerful, fun force to reckon with and she’s having a love affair with New York – the City and the people. 

 She is BAD SaNdY - superhero, feminist and star of Australian Artist, Sandra Schnellhaus’, solo exhibition being held at Lower East Side Gallery from Wednesday 21st October to Sunday 25th October 2015. 

 Schnellhaus has brought her inspirational superhero and alter ego, BAD SaNdY to life in a series of colorful, comic strip, mixed media pieces, that feature a range of styles including pop art, street art, collage and anything that inspired her in between. Strongly influenced by pop culture references and celebrity events, Schnellhaus’ art is all about having fun with her characters and her audience.